2019-2020 Pharmaceutical Marketplace Trends

Please note this online program is not accredited for continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit.

Release Date:  April 20, 2020 

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Target Audience: Pharmacists who practice in managed care settings.  

Program Description: 

Keeping abreast of industry trends and forecasts is vital to remaining competitive in the evolving managed care arena – especially because market predictions can shape the approach to managing the pharmacy benefit. This session will provide an up-to-the-minute analysis of the pharmaceutical market and offer predictions about what lies ahead in the coming months as the health care industry manages the COVID-19 pandemic. Discussion topics will include the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health care marketplace plus other industry trends such as top products by categories, industry segments that are growing and declining, and important considerations regarding brand, generic and specialty drugs.

Learning Objectives:

1. Name three factors that are influencing today’s health care costs including the COVID-19 pandemic.
2. Summarize notable developments in the brand, generic and specialty drug markets.
3. Identify therapeutic classes that are current market leaders as well as those that are in decline.
4. Recognize pivotal developments such as the COVID-19 pandemic that are influencing the U.S. pharmaceuticals market and managed care market.

Schedule of Educational Activity

This online program consists of an audio recording and a specific activity evaluation.

Online Education Requirements:   

Please note this online program is not accredited for continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit.

System Technical Requirements/Viewing Requirements: System Requirements Courses and learning activities are delivered via your Web browser and Acrobat PDF. For all activities, you should have a basic comfort level using a computer and navigating websites.  


James T. Kenney, MBA, RPh | President | JTKENNEY, LLC